Winter Wellness Tips

December 3, 2022

Like Mother Earth, our bodies and minds naturally gravitate towards restoration and an overall slower pace of life during the winter months. Consider these five winter wellness tips to help you embrace and enjoy the winter season.

#1 Boost Immunity

Winter weather also welcomes the dreaded cold and flu season. Besides supporting the immune system through adequate sleep, daily movement, and mindful meal choices, there are certain foods you can eat (and drink) that can help you feel your best during the winter cold and flu season.

Enjoying foods that are especially rich in Vitamin C can help us all feel our best no matter what the season. If you prefer to just grab a can of something and go, try one of these immune-boosting fresh flavors: Savory Peach, Blackberry Ashwagandha, Yuzu Matcha, and Strawberry Holy Basil Sparkling Tonic.

#2 Eat Hearty Comfort Foods

Our bodies crave hearty comfort foods when it is cold outside, so discover new and delicious recipes that provide both comfort and nourishment. Focus not just on feeding your body, but also feeding your soul. Think of foods like comforting casseroles made with more mindful ingredients, homemade soups, and slow cooker stews. These foods will not only provide sustenance for your body, but internal warmth and satisfaction for your heart and soul. Need some culinary inspiration for your kitchen? Try whipping up this homemade Matcha Museli Bowl.

#3 Engage in Self Reflection

While you snuggle inside and enjoy moments of winter hibernation, get centered and take some time for self-reflection. Look inward towards yourself and take a moment to take an inventory of where you presently find yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You may even consider using the slower winter months to adopt a daily meditation practice, which can help increase awareness, balance, and clarity as we transition into a new season. If you need some inspiration on where to begin, check out these top ten books all about, you guessed it, mindfulness.

#4 Enjoy Self Care Rituals

While you are participating in winter hibernation, enjoy some self-care rituals. Apply some essential oils or try this super cool adaptogen cream. While you are at it, why not pair this winter self-care ritual with your favorite flavor of Sparkling Tonic. You can also practice deep breathing exercises, or curl up with candles and a good book. Self-care can look like whatever you want it to look like so pick an activity you enjoy and pencil in some seasonal self-care.

#5 Stay Active

This winter, embrace lower impact activities that more fully align with the restorative and slower pace of the winter months. Activities like stretching, walking, and yoga are all great options. You can also find a nearby outdoor trail close to you or an online workout class you love. Do not be afraid to head outdoors either. Just five minutes of exposure to the crisp winter air can boost your energy levels, calm your mood, and refresh your overall well-being.

man walking in the snow

Winter only comes around once a season, so embrace all that it has to offer. Each season is different and offers a unique set of opportunities so enjoy this time with family, friends, and most importantly, yourself. As always, stay rowdy friends!

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