Sourcing Ingredients from Mother Nature

April 22, 2022

In honor of Earth Day this year, we wanted to share some of the ways we work with Mother Nature to give you the very best she has to offer.

#1 We Choose Mindful Ingredients

We realize the importance of using sustainable ingredients that are ethically sourced. All of our teas are made with organic cane sugar grown using certified regenerative agriculture methods. Ummm…what is regenerative agriculture you ask? (Aren’t you the inquisitive one).

Simply stated, regenerative agriculture is a farming and grazing practice that improves biodiversity, increases carbon capture, and restores degraded soil to create long-lasting environmental benefits. Translation, please?

Soil is a living thing that needs to be nurtured. Unfortunately, many modern agricultural practices have degraded and destroyed the health of our soil. Regenerative agriculture seeks to reverse this damage and is quickly becoming a beacon of hope for those focused on the health of our planet. Pretty neat, right?

can sugar

#2 We Compost and Donate

compost bucket

You may already have your very own backyard or kitchen compost pile set up so we made it a point to compost too!

We donate our organic waste to the Boulder county compost collection, which ultimately helps to reduce our environmental impact on the planet to preserve it for generations to come. Our RAW (Rowdy Against Waste) team has been working hard to ensure we are staying ahead of the curve and building a more sustainable world. We are proud to partner with CHaRM to collect all of those hard-to-recycle items like pallet wrap and styrofoam to help keep them out of landfills.

#3 We Encourage You to Recycle

rowdy can

If you take a closer look at our cans, you will see a little note we left you that reads, “Take me somewhere wild.” We truly mean it when we say, “Return me somewhere responsible.” We created our portable, infinitely recyclable cans to help lighten our footprint (not to mention lighten your load). We do our best every single day to provide the best beverages made from the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, but once those cans leave our warehouses, it is ultimately up to you how you dispose of them. Be rowdy and recycle. (Please and thank you).

#4 We Strive For Regenerative

regenerative farm

Our team is working hard to build relationships with more holistic farming partners as quickly as we can. We are starting to see that shoppers are beginning to understand that transitioning to regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices will only benefit the greater good and that includes our planet. We do not take our mission lightly. We strive for a more sustainable and healthier supply chain and continually search for more earth-conscious partners.

#5 We Support and Empower women in the Bangladeshi Community

Bangladeshi woman picking tea

We know supporting the planet means supporting all of its inhabitants because making the world a better place also means helping its people, which is why we partner with Teatulia to support the equitable employment of Bangladeshi women abroad. Like us, Teatulia is community-driven, organic, transparent, and they care about regenerative practices. We are proud to be partnered with such an amazing brand.

Earth Day may only be celebrated one day a year, but we believe it should be celebrated every day, which is why we employ these five practices. We hope you celebrate Earth Day in your own way each and every day. Happy Earth Day everyone and remember, always stay rowdy!

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