Rowdy Community Vibes: Sherry McGann and Mystic Mountain Mushroom

May 5, 2021

We would like to introduce you to one of our #CommunityVibe members, Sherry McGann.  She is the founder and owner/operator of Mystic Mountain Mushroom in Grand Lake, Colorado. She and her team are one of our go to's when it comes to mushrooms. We recently asked her to share her thoughts on sustainability, Rowdy, and of course, mushrooms.


Name: Sherry McGann

Business: Mystic Mountain Mushroom

Lives: Grand Lake, Colorado

What’s currently your favorite Rowdy flavor?

This is such a hard question because I honestly love them all.  IF I had to choose (today) I would say the Watermelon Bloom.  It is fresh and sweet but not too sweet.  It is absolutely brilliant with the flavor combination.  I love how it makes me feel!  

What steps are you taking to be a more sustainable business?

As a USDA certified organic company, we follow strict standards in our sustainability protocol.  We partner with local community gardens that use our old substrate bags for fertilizer.  This allows for zero waste.  In addition, we use reusable bins for our mushroom deliveries and our bulk substrate bags are biodegradable as well.  We have outdoor mushroom grow areas constructed from cardboard boxes, wood chips, and our used bulk substrate bags.  In these areas, we will be outside fruiting the Wine Cap (Stropharia rugosoannulata) fungus in 2021 which is a beautiful burgundy mushroom that contains fiber, vitamin D, amino acids, protein, iron, copper, and some calcium.  These mushrooms are also known for their Bioremediation abilities to remove toxins from the environment and otherwise repair environmental problems; such as those caused by the wildfires last year in the Grand Lake area.  

Favorite mushroom and why?

Reishi is my favorite mushroom by far because of the healing compounds associated with it and because they grow so beautifully.  There are many varieties of Reishi. We at MMM grow a Reishi that looks like little pieces of art in the shape of finger branches rather than the traditional shell-like shape.  The colors are amazing in how they start out brownish then fade to orange and finish with a white tip.  They are truly magic healing mushrooms that boost the immune system, have anti-cancer properties, fight fatigue and depression, and just balance your whole body for a good sleep.

What is one little thing that makes your day better?

Besides being with my farm family & Ziggy (my dog), I would say just knowing that I am blessed with the freedom to consciously cultivate something so healing and with purpose.

Which mushrooms should we be taking more of and why?

Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, and Lions Mane because they have such amazing healing properties for our bodies.  A mushroom's DNA is closer to a human’s DNA than a plant.  They breathe oxygen just like us.  They are here to heal us all.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

We are really looking forward to ramping up and spreading the word about healing mushrooms so the planet can balance and heal.  MMM will be growing a new strain called Cordyceps in 2021 which are sweet tasting and known for a plethora of healing abilities in addition to providing oxygen for the body.  We know mushrooms can heal the planet and we are grateful to be part of the process with other like-minded companies like Rowdy Mermaid.  

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