Keeping Our Trails Beautiful

October 3, 2021

Rowdy Mermaid is committed to more than giving people sustainably sourced functional beverages.  We believe in doing our part to honor the beauty in our own backyard too.  

We’ve built 
an amazing team with a shared passion for wellness, adventure and the impact we leave on the environment.

Beginning in September 2020, our team adopted the Josie Health Trail through Boulder County Parks and Open Space Foundation. This trail is 1 mile long and located in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Every quarter our Rowdy Crew gathers together to clean up our adopted trail to ensure it is available for our community to enjoy. It is a great opportunity for our team to get outside, care for our favorite trail and give back to nature.

Read more about why we chose this trail and what we are doing to honor and preserve our home.


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